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Hapy built-in rules provide convenience and safety for common use cases. All these rules are objects and functions declared in Hapy/Rules.cc. Text matching is case sensitive. Hapy rule expression syntax is documented elsewhere.

Besides rule semantics, the table below provides a semantically equivalent expression using non-terminals or other rules. The actual Hapy implementation of a built-in rule usually differs from its semantic equivalent.

Built-in rule Semantics Semantically equivalent expression
anychar_r matches any single character (byte, octet) "\000" | "\001" | ... | "\377"
char_set_r(const string &set) matches any single character in the user-specified set set[0] | set[1] | ... | set[N]
char_range_r(char first, char last) matches any single character in the user-specified inclusive range first | (char)(first+1) | ... | last
alpha_r matches any alphabetic character (see isalpha(3) man page) "A" | "B" | ... "z"
digit_r matches any decimal digit (see isdigit(3) man page) "0" | "1" | ... "9"
alnum_r matches any alphabetic character and any decimal digit (see isalnum(3) man page) alpha_r | digit_r
space_r matches any whitespace character, including tabulation and line termination characters (see isspace(3) man page). " " | "\t" | "\r" | "\n" | ...
eol_r matches the end of the line; currently that means a "\n" character; is there a better way? "\n"
char_r(char c) matches a given character "<c>"
string_r(const string &s) matches a given sequence of characters (string) "<s>"
quoted_r(const Rule &element, const Rule &open, const Rule &close) matches zero or more elements enclosed in opening and closing "quotes"; the opening and closing rules do not have to match; this is handy for comments, strings, CDATA, and other "enclosed" elements. open >> *(element-close) >> close
empty_r an always successful zero-size match; matches any input without advancing the input position  
end_r matches the end of input; a zero-size match  

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